Is Etsy Affiliate Program Worth Joining?

Etsy is an e-commerce site where people from different part of the globe sell and buy vintage or handmade goods. This company offers consumers a meaningful, personal buying experience and gives independent creators the tools to succeed. Their mission is to reinvent commerce to build a more fulfilling and sustainable world.

But how interesting is their affiliate program? Let’s take a closer look.

Etsy Affiliate Program

Etsy presents a wide range of products that appeal to the audience. All affiliates can apply to register, including Etsy sellers.

Affiliates can only post affiliate links to social media news feeds that match their website URLs, such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Posting Affiliate links are forbidden on certain sharing sites such as Pinterest and Tumblr. When an affiliate publishes Etsy content on social media, it is his responsibility to comply with the terms and conditions of the affiliate links of each site.

Program details

  • 2% cashback, loyalty
  • 5% standard commission for affiliates type (excluding canceled orders or returned items)
  • 30-day post-click cookie
  • Commissions are granted for each confirmed sale except returns and cancellations
  • Average Order Size: (varied)

Access to materials

There are numerous ways you can use and monetize your site or blog once approved:

  • Banners
  • Tracked links to any Etsy product or site page
  • Text Links
  • An Affiliate newsletter

How to participate in the Etsy affiliate program?

Before you start registering a store on the Etsy site, you need to structure in your head the information just received: Etsy’s service is paid. But after all, before you get something, you need to invest something.

All you need is to apply to Affiliate Window. Once it is approved, you will go for the Etsy affiliate program. You don’t have to be afraid to apply because the approval rate for Etsy appears to be around 99%.

To get accepted to Affiliate Window, you have to deposit $5. There are some programs around that also do this and trust me; I have seen the worst. The $5 that you credited is taken from your account when Affiliate Window approves it. It is then deposited immediately into your commission account so as to be paid out with your first expense. I have asked, and the only time this could be rejected is when a merchant personally gives you an invitation to their program.

In addition to cash, of course, you need to invest time, patience, diligence, faith in yourself and an unshakable desire to be successful.

How and Where To Promote The Etsy Affiliate Program

Etsy’s product base is extremely huge. All you need to do as an affiliate of Etsy is find a product suitable for your website.

Anything related to a wedding: You will find almost everything concerning marriage on Etsy ranging from ties to dresses and from flowers to socks for the men and centerpieces. As a customer, you can buy wedding gifts and postcards from Etsy.

Gift Ideas: Holidays are always around the corner, which means that you can get a lot of conversions anytime. Share your gift ideas with your users, write an article and you have the opportunity to be paid very well.

Crafting and Craft supplies: If you have written on crafting on your blog post, Etsy affiliate program could be a natural fit because different types of supplies could be purchased from the site. Also, you can earn a lot if you have a handmade community.

Here are some wonderful ideas to get you started:

  • How-to tutorial
  • Valentine’s Day Gifts
  • Wish Lists For…

One important detail

Etsy sellers may participate in the Affiliate Program but are not entitled to receive a commission from sales from their own stores or from closely related stores. Closely connected stores are stores in which an Etsy trader has monetary interests, or those with a material link, for example, a credit card or a shared bank account, with the seller’s own shop. This gives the opportunity to earn commissions on other Etsy shops and support the Etsy community as a whole.


If you try to make money online through an affiliate program, it will be useful you join the Etsy affiliate program. If you are starting new in affiliate marketing and you don’t have issues concerning the registration fee and commission rate, you won’t have any problem in joining the platform. I am happy that I have been making money online through affiliate marketing; you can do the same.

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